Monday, April 23, 2007

You Know you Laughed.

Come on ....pecorino was funny.
The other day Brewier and I were at Sacks, a local store that sells dented canned food as well as expired items and overstocks.We used to give Megan and Jessica each a dollar and tell them the could buy what ever they wanted. I go there to buy my English Breakfast tea, only on this trip, they didn't have any, but that didn't stop me from wandering the crowded isles surveying other goods. I was wandering down the personal care isle when I happened upon this little item....for the bargain price of $2 I could have bought it, but decided to snap a picture instead. It cracked me up.

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Can you read it? Its a magic kit that says, "And you thought the miracles of passover were amazing!"
"Easy to learn magic tricks that help tell the story of Passover."
"Good Kosher Fun."
Come on, laugh with me people.

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