Sunday, April 29, 2007


I woke up this morning impressed with the thought, "I need to pray for Jessicas safety on the road today." So I prayed while I showered, while I put on makeup, (and heard a car crash on Semoran Blvd, just 2 blocks from my house,) and while at church; so I wasn't terribly surprised when Jessica called us this afternoon to say she had been in a car accident around noon. Some out of town driver pulled out in front of her as she was going 50 mph down the highway. Thankfully my prayers were answered and she and Addison are ok. Jess is having back and neck pain though and will need to see her chiropractor.
Other than that, today has been pleasant and relaxing. I was able to attend both services at church, and then we went to Paul and Rebbecas for lunch. Rebbeca made up a recipe for a stir fry that was delicious.....

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despite Pauls doubts. ( I'm so glad i was able to capture that look on his cracked me up!)

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