Monday, April 30, 2007

Pajama Days.

Those are the days during the summer, when its soooooo hot that I know I'm not going anywhere, so I shower and put on clean pjs to wear around the house. Usually showering again before bed and putting on fresh pajamas. See, theres a reason i need 30 nightgowns/pjs. Anyway, the past two days have been pajama days, not because of the heat, but because of smoke. Georgias on fire ya'll and the smoke is blanketing us! This is a photo from the Sunrust building in downtown Orlando.

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It makes my throat burn just looking at it. So I'm holed up in my house with my airfilters running and naturally, wearing pajamas. I need to go to Whole Foods, but I'm thinking I can sweet talk my handsome movie star husband into going for me :)

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