Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'd Never Make it in Seattle.

Its another overcast rainy day here and all I want to do is sleep. Actually, I'd like to be drinking coffee and baking yummy things, but the doctor has nixed those activities. I've taken two naps already today...its only 2pm. Maybe I'm getting sick. Megan has been sick so its possible. Maybe I'm just really lazy, or maybe I have a solar panel implanted in my head, (the same one that makes me turn north at night,) and its not getting enough sun to charge my batteries. That reminds me, Vickie, the red part of the needle should point north.
See these pretty vases? I pulled them out of the trash on one of my morning walks. As soon as I saw them I knew they'ed be perfect for Gerbera daisies. (4 for $3.34 at Albertsons.) They make me happier than two dozen roses.

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