Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Wish Melinda Doolittle Would Be Voted Off...

because I want to buy her cd now and not have to wait until she wins. Wow, what a voice!
Today was a busy around the house kind of day. I washed my car, planted my herbs, made banana bread, cleaned, and killed a bajillion moths. Keith called during my killing spree and was the unfortunate recipient of my insect hating tirade, Sorry Keith.
I'm sure if anyone could see us inside our house we would appear either possessed or charismatic as we will be sitting or walking and suddenly reach in the air and clap our hands, sometimes repeatedly as we jump around, all in our vain attempt to kill off the moths. Today I went with charismatic and started say, "praise Jesus!" everytime I clapped a moth dead. Is that sacreligious?
This morning Lisa stopped by for a visit and she looked so pretty I had to take her picture. No, thats not a hat she is wearing, its a lampshade....on a lamp behind her, not on her head. But it does make her look rather festive, don't you think?

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