Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Thought it was a Bird!

Last night as I went into my room to go to bed, something quite large swooped from one corner of the room over to the other, landing on the bathroom door. Hopes of it being a bird were dispelled as I saw the biggest cockroach ever! Ewwww! Here in Florida where all manor of insects flourish n the hot and humid weather, the name, "palmetto bug," has been given to these enormous creatures, I suppose as a way of making roaches sound cute. Well it doesn't work...its a roach big enough to feed a family in a third world country. I trapped said creature in my shower and after a minute long chase my Birkenstock won out and I smashed it and hurridly flushed it down the toilet, because eveyone knows these insects have a way of not dying no matter how squished they look.
I had set aside today to paint collage and be crafty...but I'm in a terrible creative dry spell. I sat for a couple hours trying to work on different pieces, but disliked and became bored with it all, hmph.

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