Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hope left a comment and asked me to write what I miss about homeschooling, (and since I ate very healthy today I have no fun food sins to confess,) so thats todays post. First, a little background.
I started homeschooling in 1991. Both Jessica and Megan were in public school. Jessica was about to enter the third grade and Megan first. I found out about homeschooling a few weeks before the school year was about to start. I registered with the county and went on to talk to the principal of the shool and let her know of my plan. She knew who I was from previous times I had been in to see her about some of my concerns with what Jess and Meg were studying, for example the list of books Jessica was supposed to read on ghosts and witchcraft, the fact Jessica was required to watch the evening news for school, (both of these happened in the second grade,) and the fact that Megans kindergarten class spent several hours a day watching cartoons on tv. Yeah, the principal, who was always very nice to me, knew who I was. As I was leaving her office she asked how long I planned on homeschooling. I told her through high school: she snickered and said, "You'll be back."
Had I known about homeschooling sooner, my children would have never been sent to public school. Up to that point in their lives I had taught them everything, why shouldn't I be able to continue that?
Still, I was terrified of teaching my children...I had to teach Megan to read...yikes! And I had to be with my kids ALL DAY LONG!
The funny thing is, the more time you spend with your children, doing things with them, the more you like them and the bettrer the relationship gets.
So the thing I miss the very most about homeschooling is all the time we spent together. We had so much fun. Because teaching one on one take so much less time and effort than teaching a class, we would be done with school in two hours....and these two hours could be anytime during the day, meaning the rest of the day Jessica and Megan could play, work on independent projects and learn how the real world works. We took road trips and visited places and saw things that could have never happened if they were "in" school.
I miss having scones and tea with them every morning, and dancing in the kitchen with them while we made dinner.
I miss the lesson planning and the searching for the right curriculm and developing projects.
I miss reading the journal entry I required them to write every morning. Jessicas, always very matter of fact and Megans always making me laugh.
I miss childrens books, educational and otherwise. I still beeline toward them at evey garage sale and then remember, I don't really need them anymore:(
I miss watching the enjoyment of learning.
I miss having my two dearest friends always around....I think its called having an empty nest.

Oh, I did teach Megan to one day. At the two week mark she could pick up just about anything and read it. I loved watching that light go on.
I did homeschool through high school, though once they reached high schol age, they knew how to learn and pretty much taught themselves.
At 17 Jessica graduated simultaneously from high school, and from Valencia Community College with her A.A. degree. She went on to get her B.A. in buisness and marketing.
Megan went to Valencia also, studying art. She didn't get her degree but started painting and selling her work on ebay. She now works through commissions and has collectors.

Now I need to figure out what I want, (and am able,) to do!

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