Thursday, April 12, 2007


Allison and I visit many of the same blogs and have read, (with a bit of envy,) about some really delicious sounding cupcake shops. About a month ago Allison discovered that there would be a cupcake shop opening in Lake Mary, so yesterday we got in the car and headed that way. It took awhile to find, we ended up driving slowly along the fronts of strip malls to find it and thats when we saw this little sign:(don't you love the irony?)

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The proprietress was very friendly and let us sample some cupcakes. They make little mini cakes thay call shooters :)
We picked out which cupcakes we wanted, ($2.50 each) and went outside to enjoy them. While they were better than your average supermarket cake, we were a bit disappointed. Allison and I are bake from scratch girls, and I'm pretty sure these were cake mix cupcakes. If I had the money and buisness know how, I'd open a shop here in Winter Park.
Emmie and Michah found the cupcake s to be I was taking this pic of Michah he was saying, "Messy!"

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