Monday, March 05, 2007

Soapbox Monday.

Have you heard about this woman who decided to go for 30 days without any post 1950 technology? No tv, cell phone, computer......
I kind of like the idea. I experienced it somewhat a couple of years ago, when the hurricanes hit and we had no power for a total of three weeks. I found that I went to bed earlier and slept better. I didn't miss television. instead of plopping down in front of it, I would read, draw or have conversations with my family. Sometimes, ok alot of times I just want to scream. I mean we've only got so long to live so shouldn't we be living instead of wasting our few hours on meaningless crap? Megan and I both said how much we enjoyed a television free life. It really, REALLY bothers me that we've gotten into the habbit of sitting with our computers on our laps in front of the television everynight, flipping through channels looking for something to entertain us instead of using the time for better things.Tv makes us lazy, I'm convinced of it. We once went for a couple of years without television and I was so much happier and more creative, and my time was better used. We were more involved with people and more alive.
Yep, I think its time to reevaluate how we are living.

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