Thursday, March 08, 2007

Smelly Stuff.

I spent the day at Rebeccas and we continued working on our skin care potions and lip balm. She had bought all kinds of flower buds, dried roots and bee pollen, for concocting a couple of different facial products that we had recipes for. I discovered I don't handle essential oils or dried flower buds very well....had a little bit of an allergic reaction, so we switched gears and started tweaking our lip balm recipe. Still not quite there yet. We made some bath salts, love those.
I came home too tired to cook so Brewier is off to pick up dinner at Carrabbas, (using up our last gift card.)
On the tv front; I didn't watch Lost last night. It was such a great show during the first season, not such a good show anymore.
Greys Anatomy is a repeat :( ABC really stinks at programing. You get to see a few new episodes of a show, then month(s) of repeats, that I don't watch and end up forgetting the story line, or when the show is on.
Pretty passionate for someone who is wanting to cut back on their tv watching, huh?

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