Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Love Art!

This morning before church, Brewier and I went to the Winter Park Art Festival. The chilly weaather and early hour made it the perfect time to go because there weren't too many people out yet and you could actually get around and see the art. I love mixed media and there was a man there who had a collection of antique carved wooden birds that he had altered and combined with other antiques to make one of a kind pieces of art. I fell in love with those birds and they haunted me most of the day and late this afternoon as the festival was shutting down I went back to buy a bird. My favorite was gone. Most of them were gone in fact....everyone loved them and as far as art goes they were very affordable. out of the 10 left I found one that felt right and bought him. Well not really, because the artist only took cash and checks and I had neither with me. I guess my face fell, because he handed me the bird, and his buisness card with the amount due on it and said, "Just mail me a check." I'm still in shock about that one. So I've already written the check and is waiting tobe mailed. I figured that it will only take 45 hours of babysitting to pay for it, so Melissa, give me a call!

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I'm naming him Jasper in honor of the pet crow my Mom had when she was a kid. It suits him somehow. Oh and thats an antique tin bank, known as a birdcage bank he's sitting on.

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