Thursday, March 15, 2007


I have spent a good part of my day in a war against moths. For the past month, as soon as it gets dark, our garage comes alive with the things. Everytime someone opens the garage door they would fly in and they started taking up residence in the pantry. Today when I went to the garage to get a new bag for the vacuum I saw that there were maggots all through my supply of paper towels, ziplocks, swiffers and such. I buy in bulk at Costco so it was ALOT of stuff, and not only were they on the outside of the boxes, but in the boxes and in the products. It was so gross. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Ewww. I threw away all the boxes and some of the supplies $$. I smashed all the maggots on the walls behind the cabinet and everywhere else I found them. Then I set up moth traps, like they use at the health food store. I hope this takes care of them because I'm totally grossed out and Brewier has no sympathy for me saying, "its just bugs." Hmmph!

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