Friday, March 30, 2007

Due North.

I was talking to someone today and mentioned that although the head of my bed is westwardly in direction, I always wind up in bed with my head pointing north, which can be very disorienting early in the morning. Mom, do I have a metal plate in my head that nobody told me about?
Brewier is at Disney today filming something for ESPN and the newly engaged daughter is at work getting hugs of congratulations from her coworkers, they all know Matthew since he was a store manager there. Meg keeps asking me if I'm happy for her, and I am, but I'm also in shock as this has happened very fast and I want her to be sure of what she is doing.
Kim stopped by this morning with a box containing a baby goose and two baby ducks for her annual school room springtime visit. Cute, but smelly.
Jessica and Addison are comeing to visit for a couple of days!! I'm looking forward to lots of coffee drinking. Ray took mortgage brokers test and passed with a 97%! Congratulations!
Now I'm off to do what I always do when I'm home alone. Listen to my music really loud and clean he house! Yes, I'm a real wild one. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll listen to eighties music.
Because I can't post any new pics I'll be posting old ones...because you really need pictures on a blog.

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This was taken about a year and a half ago. Ellie is giving a pink haired Megan, a fabulous new hairstyle.

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