Wednesday, March 07, 2007


76 degrees. Sunny with a light breeze. All the windows open. My kind of day.
I spent the morning at Allisons, giving her a hand unloading her bookcases, moving furniture, and getting things ready so she can paint. Emmie and Micah were fascinated by it all and desperately wanting to help. We also got Allisons ichat up and running, and I just finished talking to her and Emmie. Last night Mom Kenny and I had a video confrence. Yes I'm like a kid with a new toy. Sarah, I wish there was some way to chat, my Mac and your PC. I'm using my AOL instant messenger account. Do you have one?
My neighbor brought me a small loaf of Irish soda bread a little while ago and I've already eaten half of it, it is sooo good. Is it any wonder why all my pants are too tight?
Brewier just left for an audition for a Nike commercial. He was putting on his sneakers and we noticed they wer Adidas. Whew, glad we caught that before he walked out the door.

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