Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Under the Weather.

I think I may have caught Megans cold :( Nothing horrible, just your average achy, sore throat, stuffy nose thing. Darlene is treating me homeopathicly which is probably why I'm not dead. Despite not feeling well, Brewier and I did meet up with Mark and Darlene yesterday at the Florida Mall for lunch at my favorite vegetarian Indian restraunt and a quick trip into Teavana. I was out of my favorite, Almond Biscotti black tea, that I mix with their Rooibos Toffee tea, that smells deliciously like pipe tobacco. Imagine my horror when I made myself a cup last night and rather than its usual delightful fragrence, it smelled like cat pee! I thought perhaps it was because I was sick, but Brewier confirmed the offending odor. I drank it any way.....thankfully it didn't taste like cat pee...not that I know what cat pee tastes like. I sniffed each tea individually and its the rooibos that is the stinker. Maybe it will fade with time.
This morning when I went to get dressed I realized my closet had thrown up on itself. How does that happen? Anyway, 30 minutes later and order was restored. I love orderly closets, pantrys and cupboards, it calms me.

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