Saturday, February 03, 2007

Trade Show.

Today Brewier and I went to the convention center for the Orlando Gift Show, courtesy of Darla. What we were most interested in was the cash and carry area. It was mostly jewelry and handbags, the kind of stuff you see in gift shops, only everything was about half the retail price. I was able to do some Christmas shopping for next year, and it was fun to be out doing something different. In the evening there were free drinks and food for the convention attendees at a nearby club called, "Glo." We arrived a little early so we sat in the parking lot checking out the place. The building was very '80's looking, white stucco with pink neon, and didn't look to promising. Then we saw the CICI's pizza truck sitting by the back door......uh-oh, who knew they catered.
We decided to go in and check it out and I'm glad we did because it was very retro cool. I'm a big fan of the eighties and this was a real time trip right down to the music. The only lighting were black lights and the sofas were accented in fabrics that would glow neon in the light. We had our drinks and pizza and ended up having a nice time all for free!
Right now I'm sitting at home in my warm wool winter coat with its fox trimmed hood because it's 53 degrees out, windy and drizzly. BRRR!

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