Sunday, February 18, 2007

Everybody Belly Dance!

Roger, along with Greg, Mellisa and the boys, were over for a visit last night. The guys were all in the kitchen talking, while Melissa nd I visited and kept Sam and Gregory corralled. Gregory came across my belly dancing book and dvd and asked if we could watch it. Sure, why not. Maybe Melissa and I could get a little exersise in. The dvd hadn't been in more than a minute when the guys appeared trance like and settled into the sofa to watch the TV.

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Who knew the sound of finger cymbals could get their attention like no amount of shouting or beckoning ever could.
Melissa and I tried to follow the moves...not that anyone in the room noticed, but Gregory decided that to properly bellydance. he really needed to be appropriately attired:

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The boy does like to dress up you know.

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