Sunday, January 28, 2007

We are the Sickies.

Well, Brewier and Megan are anyway. I'm just dealing with my usual far. I went to update my blog earlier today, (now I forget what I was going to write about,) and Blogger made me switch to the new Blogger which took two hours! I'm not sure how I feel about that. I always feel like I can't be too upset when blogger, flickr or photobucket don't wowrk because I have free accounts. Today was gorgeous out so Brewier and I walked the Cady Way Trail. It was interesting to see how people were dressed for this unusually cool yet sunny day. The two that really stood out though were the two women riding bikes together. One had on jeans and a winter coat, the other was in a bikini. I figured bikini girl must have just moved here from Alaska. Its supposed to get down to 39 tonight, I hope my lemon and lime trees will be okay!
Look what arrived for me today! Thank you Terri......I can't imagine why you thought of me when you saw it though:)

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