Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Things Never Change.

Last month my Mom asked me if I still had my baby book and if so could I get it out for her to look at. Well I'm just now getting around to putting it away but before I did I thought I would skim through it. Being the first born Mom was able to keep a month by month account of my life. It was fun to read through it but what really struck me was how many things that described me as an infant, are still true of me today. So here are some excerpts:
8 months: "To get Patricia quiet all I do is give her a book. She loves to look at pictures." I'm still a visual person and spend way to much time looking at magazines and visiting pretty blogs. I love to look at pictures.
9 months "She knows where we keep the cookies now and helps herself!" I long ago mastered the art of getting cookies out of the cookie jar without making a sound. Frozen cookies taste good too.
13 months My mom writes about how difficult it is to keep me covered at night because I toss around so much. Because I still have sleeping trouble, Brewier and I sleep in seperate rooms. I have a king size bed all to myself and I take up every inch of it.
5 Years I was very active, liked loose fitting clothes and my favorite past time is making things from stuff I found in the trash. Those words could have been written about me this morning!

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