Thursday, January 04, 2007

Odd Kind of Day.

Have you ever had a day that is perectly normal, but you feel out of whack? My day started with my daily walk with Rebecca, but instead of showering and getting on with my day as I usually do, I sat down to cool off, (its hot here!) while watching Frasier and organizing the 50 million recipes I have clipped out of magazines. Two hours later and feeling a bit nauseous from the job, I started puttering around the house. I undecorated the tree, lifted weights, started marinating chicken for tonight, that kind of stuff. Now its 3:30 and I've just taken my shower....and slipped into pj's.Its overcast out and feels later than it really is.Perfect baking weather so I'm going to make a tollhouse pie; a request from one of Megans coworkers. I have babysitting duty tomorrow. Sammy and Gregory will be arriving at 5:45am, I should really put the contents of my craft closet that I have been trying to organize, back into the closet. Poor Brewier just got back from getting a haircut.... and a parking ticket. $22 for being 4 minutes late. Grrrrr. He was still nice enough to stop on his way home to pick up a frozen pie crust for me. Thanks sweetie:)

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