Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fun With Emmie and Micah.

I was lucky enough to get to spend the afternoon with Allisons children, Emmaline and Micah. We had so much fun playing together, throwing every single pillow, (and Allison has tons of them,) we could find onto the floor, then jumping from the sofa into the pile. Ok, I didn't jump, it was more of a roll off the sofa into the pillows, but it sufficed for the kids. After 90 minutes of this, yes we played at it that long, it was rest time. I told Emmie that not only did she and Micah need to rest, so did I because I'm an old grandma now. She was very doubtful of my grandma status, so I expalined to her that Addison really ws my grandaughter. She just shook her head in disbelief and told me, "You're not a grandma, you're our Tricia." For some reason her saying that made me happy.
When Trent and Allison arrived home, they brought me a cappucino from Starbucks in a pink and brown striped travel mug! Thanks guys, I love it!

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