Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Did You Really Think I Wouldn't Post Today?

I got to spend most of the day with Sarah and Ellie, tagging along to Ellies clinic visit for her blood draw, (4 big tubes!) a quick stop at Starbucks, then we all went to my home. Sarah took care of some phone calls and Ellie and I worked on crafts. We made button flowers and a valentine snow globe, then it was time to get in the in the car to go to another Dr. appointment. By the time we were done with that visit it was rush hour and it would have taken Sarah forever to get home, so instead we went to Chamberlains so she could do some much needed grocery shopping, then back to my house again. We ate some dinner and while Sarah rested, Ellie and I worked on a Valentine banner.....she's very concerned that Vlentines day is just three weeks away and they have no decorations up yet.....I think she is going to try and talk Sarah into going to Target, to the dollar bin for some valentine goodies so she can decorate her hospital room.

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