Monday, January 29, 2007


We just came inside from draping our lemon and lime trees in sheets as it is supposed to hit the freezing mark tonight. The thermometer says its 5o degrees out but it sure feels colder than that. Brewier and I both agreee that 50 degrees feels colder here than it does in KY. Maybe its the humidity here. I am enjoying the cold, though im glad it doesn't stay this way very long.
Not much else is going on here today. Darlene stopped in for tea this afternoon, which is always nice. I think I got a bad batch of blood pressure medicine. My bp has been creeping up for the past three weeks, then this morning I was feeling dizzy and not very good so I took my blood pressure and it was 145/103. Not a nice thing to wake up to. Costco gave me a new batch of pills so hopefully those numbers will go back down. Right now I'm anxiously awaiting the nine o'clock hour to watch Heroes. Is anyone else hooked on this show?

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