Saturday, December 30, 2006

Its Just Too Nice Out.

Which explains my lack of blogging during the one time of year I actually have alot to blog about. In the midst of all the activity I keep thinking, "I'll have to blog about this!" Then I get busy and forget. Too bad, I know alot of it was really funny!
Last night we had one of Brewiers acting friends and his wife over. The man is 7 feet tall. Really. 7 feet! (his wife is about 6 feet tall.) It was kind of surreal watching him walk through the house ducking to get through doorways, and because I have a dropped ceiling in my kitchen his head touched it. We really enjoyed visiting with them and are planning to get together again soon.
This morning as Brewier and I wwere out and about we headed downtown to the library only to discover many of the streets were closed for the Citrus Bowl parade. We wandered around the crowds for awhile, watched some fireworks, (at 10am?!) but didn't stay for the much fabric softner and perfume.
Sarah just arrived for some R and R so off we go to ride around in the convertable!

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