Saturday, December 16, 2006

Get Them When They're Young.

My brother Greg owns his own buisness as an outdoor adventure guide. When he is on a trip he can be gone for weeks at a time, but when he's home he is able to spend fun time with his sons Sam and Gregory. One of the special things he does is to take them to Starbucks, (walking distance from their home,) on cold mornings for hot chocolate.
Over Thanksgiving he took Mellisa and the boys along with another family on a camping trip down the Suwannee river. We were having chilly weather at the time, real hot cocoa weather. Sam, (who is 4) gets up on this cool Florida morning and says to Greg, " Dad lets go to Starbucks for hot chocolate."
Greg to Sam, "Son there isn't a Starbucks anywhere near here.
Sam: "I don't want to be here then!"
Life without Starbucks? Never!!

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