Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back in Orlando

I may not be the new mother, but I haven't really slept much in three days so I came home this morning to get some rest. Little nameless grandaughter, (lily) is so adorable even when shse is keeping us awke all night long. Ray is so sweet with her and she likes to sleep on his chest...a daddys girl already.
Despite the 85 degree weather Brewier went out and bought our Christmas tree today. Its been in the house less than an hour and I'm already sneezing. and my head is stuffy. If you remember, last year our tree ended up on our back porch....I really want to keep it in the house this year. I had the idea last year to make a tree out of wine bottles but after collecting 20 of them I realized the finished tree would weigh about five hundred nephew crushing pounds, (Sam and Gregory are little monkeys you know.)

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