Tuesday, December 12, 2006

13 Days Until Christmas, 0 Presents Bought.

Anyone else in this situation? I was much more motivated back in early November, but due to my, "No Christmas until after Thanksgiving," rule I put off all my Christmasy desires....now I wish I hadn't.
Greg and the boys came over for a visit last night, (I've missed them!) and Greg brught along a pound of Peets french roast coffee that a client had just given him. It was a gorgeous night out so we made a pot of coffee and sat out front while the boys ran crazily around the yard sword fighting with the glow sticks I had given them. They are so funny and really lifted my spirits. Before they left I offered to take each of them for a ride around the block in my car to look at Christmas lights. Sam went first and while he enjoyed the lights he was heady with the fact he wasn't restrained. He would give a little giggle, look at me and exclaim, "I'm not buckled up!" He probably said this, oh, about a gazillion times. Next was Gregorys turn but he wanted daddy to go too, so Greg sat in the seat holding Gregory who was standing on the seat, head above the cars roof line. He liked the lights but was really excited about being in a convertable with his head sticking up in the wind He was all smiley and would open his mouth, face in breeze.... I kept waiting for him to eat a bug.
On the Christmas tree front, the tree is definitly going to live on the back porch. I brought it inside Sunday thinking maybe the fresh pine scent had faded a bit and it had. Unfortunately by the time I had the tree decorated my nose was runny and my throat all itchy so it must not be the fragrance as much as the fact that I'm allergic to pine. I undecorated the tree, moved it outside and decorated the tree again.
I now have renewed creativity for designing a wine bottle Christmas tree even if it does weigh 500 pounds.
DISCLAIMER: Yes I took my nephews for a ride around the block without car seat or restraint, but I live in a very low traffic part of the neighborhood and never got out of first gear in my car.

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