Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Iy has been very cold here for the last couple of days, lows in the 40's Highs in the low 60's....very unusual. Last night a front moved through with alot of cold wiind, bringing us rain with some flakes of snow mixed in. You have to look hard to see them, but the snowflakes were there. It actually feels like Thanksgiving, though we will be back up to 80 this weekend.. For now I am enjoying this grey, windy, cold, day.
So that paint smell I wrote about before? I'm thinking we may have someone cooking meth in our neighborhood. I was watching the news yesterday and there was a piece on a woman, (living elsewhere in Orlando,) who called the police because her home was filling up with paint fumes, and the police discovered a neighbor cooking meth. Great. This has be a bit unsettled to think thats going on in my neighborhood.
Today I watch Sam and Gregory.....always entertaining; and making cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow as well as a layered salad for 50 to take to Darlenes for dinner tomorrow.
I've been busy crafting this week, inspired by the wintery weather and will try to remember to take and post some photos.

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