Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Five Days Until Jessicas Due Date

Thanksgiving was great as usual. Mom and Dick came over in the morning for breakfast...homemade cinnamon rolls, and of courseI ate way to many. After they left Brewier and I went on an hour long walk to counteract the pastry. The weather was perfect, we actually needed sweaters! Thanksgiving dinner was as always spent at Mark and Darlenes and their extended family. We've been doing that for years, since Jessica and Megan were young and I realized this year that we no longer have small children in attendence...the youngest is Rachel and she's now a freshman in highschool! How'd that happen?
Black Friday I didn't dare go shopping. I've never found the "deals" to be worth the trauma of the crowds. I can't remember what I did instead though. I must have had a pie hangover. Saturday Meg was at work and Brewier went to watch a football game at Roger and Sinas so I took advantage ot the time alone to clean the house...yep, I'm a wild one. I'm glad I stayed home though because Sarah called to say she was having a mental health day, (Ellie is in her 5th week of chickenpox and because of this is behind on her chemo.) She arrived and we headed out the door to do some shopping. I had NO pants to wear.....well I had a couple pairs but they are a wee bit small on me these days. Sarah is a great personal shopper. We walked into Dillards and with out leaving the little section we were in I was able to buy 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and 2 jackets. I have a hard time finding things to fit so this was like a small miracle. The pants fit so well that I went back and bought another pair yesterday. Sarah spent the night and we sat and watched 2 1/2 movies back to back before getting too tired to hold our eyes open.
Sunday was another beautiful day so Brewier and I headed down to Park Ave to window shop. We noticed something going on in the park...the Orlando Philharmonic was giving an open air Christmas concert..so that was a nice bonus to our day out.
Yesterday was spent with Mom, with Darlene joining us for tea. That means today, I really need to get the laundry done!

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