Thursday, November 09, 2006


So I promised Brewier that after posting about his unusual eating order,
I would post some weird idiosyncrasy about myself. "Hmmm," I thought." I am the model of perfection and normalcy, whatever shall I post?" Then I remembered my dream from the other night. You know the dreams where you're late for a test you have to take, you're standing naked in the street, you've won the lottery, or the really good sex dreams? Yeah....never had any of them. Instead my dreams tend to be more like the movie, "War of the Worlds." (I had a typo and it said wart of the worlds which just cracked me up!) In fact while watching said movie I told Brewier just that. In my dreams though, I never get to see the alien/bad guy . I just know I am being hunted down, and when Jess and Meg were younger I was always trying to protect them from the forces of evil because you know aliens are always evil and up to no good. Sooooo the other night I had a dream where unseen aliens were abducting me while I was asleep and doing surgical experiments on me. I knew this because I had scars and fresh stitches on my shoulder and when the aliens would return me, I would startle awake from being dropped from the sky into my bed. ( I was hving a very restless night of semi-consciousness.) The most upsetting thing in my dream was that Brewier knew I was being abducted and was like, "Yeah, so what?" But then I was dropped from the sky and woke up.

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