Friday, November 03, 2006

But its Not Christmas!

Because our temperatures are still in the nineties during Oct/Nov, I've always gone to stores like Pottery Barn, Willams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel to get my fall fix. Normally decorated in auumn hues and fallish things like acorns and leaves and promoting Thanksgiving, I was crushed by what I found two weeks ago, (when the temperature was hovering around 100.) I went window shopping for my fix ,to try and convince myself it was really fall and not mid July, only to find that fall and Thanksgiving no longer exisit in retail land. The stores were all preparing and decorated for Christmas! Then last night when I went to pick Meg up from work i saw that Park Ave had all their Christmas lights up, and the stores had lit and decorated Christmas trees in the window. I don't like it! (she says while stomping her foot like a 6 year old.)

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