Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Too Much.

Have you ever had so much going on that you just stop blogging because thats easier than writing about it all? Thats how its been with me lately. I haven't even been on the computer to read blogs. Jessica was in town this weekend for her baby shower. Rebecca and Heather did such a fantastic job. We ate as soon as we arrived, opened presents and then everybody did a scrapbook page so that when the baby is born all Jess has to do is add pictures. It was such a fun afternoon!
In the evening as we were sitting on the sofa I leaned down and put my mouth on Jessicas belly (we're a close family,) and said in a deeep voice, "LILY.......LILY," because I like that name for the baby. Jess and Ray don't care for the name and I guess the baby doesn't either because when I did that she kicked me in the mouth really hard. I tried saying the name to her 2 other times, with the same reaction from her, so I guess her name won't be Lily.

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