Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Think its Angry.

FYI, Megan works at a health food store.
The store had a customer come in yesterday to return an avacodo she'd bought because it was giving her bad vibes. Megs manager walked up to her cradling the avacado and asked her very seriously, (in a joking manner,) if she was getting bad vibes from it, or was it safe to place back with the other vegetables.
Oh I needed that laugh.
I've been working on Ellies room and this is the bed and rug I've purchased. The photo of the bed is a bit blurry because I took a picture of the catalog picture.

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Today is Elllies last day of chemo, (for this session,) and it has been rough going for her. The family is hoping she can come home Friday and I'm hoping her rug will be delivered in time!

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