Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Know its a Good Day....

When I get to decorate, shop, drink coffee and have people stop by to visit.
Yesterday I went to Allisons to help out with some furniture rearranging. We made her family room the dining room and her dining room into a family room. We then loaded the kids in the car to go shopping for fall decorations. Before I shop I stop and get a helps to keep me breathing, so we made a quick trip through the Starbucks drive through, where we were treated to free coffees because their system was down. Not only did we find great fall decor for Allisons dining room, but some beautiful microsuede fabric to recover her dining room chairs. Alas, we could not find a working staple gun, so I went back today with 3 staple guns, (just to make sure,) and in no time we had her chairs all finished. The room looks amazing.
This morning I had Mom and Dick stop by, as well as Greg, Melissa , the boys and thier neighbor Ted. Mom brought oatmeal cookies and I made tea and we all had such a nice time visiting.
And now some really good news, Sears is once again replacing my refrigerator, without any hassles. Lets hope this third one is not a lemon like the past two.

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