Saturday, September 30, 2006

Whats Happening Now.

I haven't been writing much because our world is wrapped up in Ellies' right now. She had 2 bone marrow draws yesterday as well as surgery to implant the tubes and such that will deliver her chemo .John and Sarah are giving Ellie her own bedroom when she is able to go home and want it redecorated. Sarah asked me if I could get that done for her. Naturally I said yes, because for me, thats just like getting to eat chocolate cake everyday for a week, so I've been bed shopping, paint shopping and still have more shopping to do.
Our weather has been unusually cool in the mornings, we broke the record low at 67 degrees, and I have been loving it, especially as Rebecca and I walk every morning. The cooler weather has prompted me to put away all my summery decor and bring out the fall/winter stuff, and I'm really enjoying the change.....I think I feel the need to make an apple pie now.

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