Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Itchy, Itchy, Yuck ,Yuck!

I just spent the last two hours taking everything out of my pantry, wiping down shelves and killing hundreds of pasta bugs. They were in everything, and climbing all over the place. My pantry was fine yesterday....what happened overnight? I've showered, but am still itchy and I keep seeing rogue bugs in the kitchen....blech!
Yesterday ended up being the non dvd day. Instead Jose came over for a visit while he's home from Stanford. He entertained us with tales of his airport adventures, (he flies quite often.) Poor Jose is often mistaken for a terrorist , ( I think its the eyebrows and offered to wax them,) and is unable to get on a plane without being searched, put into a room that blows air all over him to check for dust from illegal or suspicious substances and having his luggage gone through. I asked him what the officials say to him after all this. "Thanks for your patience."
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