Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yesterday afternoon Megan and I went to the Humane Society to pick up the two kittens we adopted on Saturday,( they had to be neutered.) One is all black and kind of shy, I picked him out. Megans kitty is beautiful, a sleek tiger stripe hemingway who needs LOTS of love and attention. I was so excited about getting new pets, and this excitement lasted for about 90 minutes. It was then I started wheezing, my nose was stuffy and drippy at the same time and my throat felt like there were razor blades in it. I thought perhaps I'd be better today, but no, if I'm in the house with the cats, all those symptoms reappear. I have a sad feeling that the kitties will have to be returned to the humane society.
I also just found out that Megs cat isn't litter trained. My sofa slipcover is out in the rainstorm right now, where I hope all the (runny) poop will magically be washed off of it.

I saw this guy in Publix and thought he had the coolest hair. I should of taken a side view too so you could see the whole mohawk.

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