Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Have a Problem.

This is it:

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I never realised I was a collector of stuff, (except my favorite and hard to get coffeemaker,) until this weekend when Brewier and I stopped by an estate sale in our neighborhood. Every room of the house was lined with tables, and every table was covered in glassware, china and other dishes. I thought, "What kind of person amasses this much dinerware?" No sooner had I thought it than a little voice in my head said, "You do."
The glassware in the picture, thats just the stuff in my china cabinet. I have more in my kitchen cabinets and in cabinets in the garage. Ihave multiple sets of china, about 60 tea cups, (not including the ones that match the china,) 6 different sets of silverware and all kinds of specialty china.
I have decided to thin out my collections, because I really don't want Jess and Meg to be stuck going through all of it when I die. No I'm not being morbid, just realistic, (which is why I have a playlist written down of all the songs I wanted played at my wake, begining wwith Madonna's "Get into the Groove.")

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