Sunday, August 27, 2006

And Now Your Weekend Update.

I'm watching the morning news right now, and the hurricane center has the path of Earnesto going over Tampa and Orlando. You know what that means Jessica...time to buy Poptarts.
I was invited over to Renees to visit while Olivia had a teaparty with a couple friends. Its so refreshing to see 12 year olds being 12 instead of emulating Christina Aguilera or Lindsey Lohan. They all went thrift store shopping to find their costumes, wore gloves and spoke with british accents. Such sweet girls.

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This next item comes under the title, "How Much Does My Husband Love Me."
He who doesn't like crowds, being rained on, or loud music, took me downton for one of the city's free concerts. Kansas was the featured artist, with the band, The Murphy Project,(who were really good,) warming up the crowd. We arrived around 6:30 as the lightning and rain started. It wasn't pouring, but it was raining enough to get everything wet and then becaome steam as it hit the hot asphalt and the people. And oh the people. I have never seen so many 40-60 year old women trying to dress like teenage girls. It was not pretty, but kept Brewier and I entertained, which is good since Kansas didn't take the stage until almost 8:30. By then it was bodies packed together, with most of them clothed in perfume and smoking. We listened to two of Kansas's songs, realised we were no longer fans of the band, (was it because we are older, or because the band is older?) and headed home. The rain had cooled things off enough to put the top down on the car, and the ride home was lovely.

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