Monday, July 31, 2006

So what Have I Been Up to , You Ask?

Well Saturday evening I went to party with Brewier. The invite was from the local president of the film and motion picture society. We went expecting to see all Brewiers acting friends. We walked into a very crowded home and theres wasn't anyone there Brewier knew. Apperently the guy having the party invited family and friends and a few acting people who showed up a couple hours later. Since I'm a bit of a wall flower any way, I was kind of uncomfortable, but still enjoyed watching people get drunk and dance.
We've also been shopping for bathroom tile, fixtures, lighting and such. Since Brewier is currently unemployed, we are taking advantage of his time at home and going to renovate it ourselves. God be with us.
Meg has been in NYC with Keith for the pat 5 days, so I've been living vicariously through her. She calls with updates a couple of times a day. The phone rang last night at 10:30, she was calling to tell me Courtney Love had just walked by her headed into a night club and yes she looks as scary in real life as in photos. Great dress though, according to Keith who sent the tip to Gawkerstalker. My one request of Meg was that she come home with a designer handbag for me. There is a pink Prada purse in her suitcase now, with my name on it. She bought it in Chinatown. She had to follow a tiny Chinese woman down a dark hall and into a little room that was full of handbags. Sounds legit to me.

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