Friday, June 02, 2006

An Allergic Reaction?

Brewier and I had fried shrimp for dinner last night, (yummy!) and while I'm allergic to shell fish, I've always been ok with other seafood. Well last night after Brewier went to sleep, I was up watching television and realized my throat was getting tight, and it really hurt to swallow...which meant I had to repeatedly keep swallowing to make sure it wasn't my imagination. It wasn't a sore throat, but more like the muscles were starting to swell. After a brief moment of panic, I noticed that I was breathing ok, it was just a painfull swallowing problem. Hmmm, I thought. What could have caused this? It hit me then. I had lifted weights earlier in the day, and must have pulled the muscles in my throat. How out of shape am I?! Keith called during this panic and confirmed my suspicions saying he has done the same thing while working out. That made me feel better.

Can you believe its June already? can you believe my baby is turning 21 this month??

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