Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Really, I'll Stay Home and Clean Tomorrow.

Laundry hasn't been done and my floors are still sticky from the weekend. I was going to do it yesterday but instead went to the park with Melissa and the boys. When I came home Renee and the girls stopped by, then Darlene, then Rebecca. Soon it was 4:30 and nothing had been done around the house. "I'll do it tomorrow," I thought. Didn't happen. Instead Lisa and I went shopping...she also bought me lunch and cleaned my bathrooms. Yes, cleaned my bathrooms. I can't use the products needed for heavy duty cleaning, so she does it for me. Now that is a friend.
While shopping I saw displays everywhere telling me to remember Mothers day. I then realised its May already! Only one month left until hurricane season begins. Maybe one will come along and put out the fires that are burning away at our state.

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