Monday, May 22, 2006

More Random Things

Its amazing how a 15 year old boy walking my street with a rubbermaid bin can make me sit and cower in my house, in the dark.
Megan and I just put in a movie we know nothing about, but it has 3 hot guys in it and that is why we are watching it. The back describes it has a "taut story." And one of the guys is simmering. We'll see.

Edit. We didn't even make it through all the credits. One of the guys stepped on a nail and they showed it go through his foot. We now are watching The Family Stone.

This afternoon we watched, "Rumor Has It." Ewwwww, gross. Its about a woman who sleeps with the same guy that both her Mom and Grandma slept with. Again, Ewwwww!

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