Monday, May 01, 2006

Family Time.

When I don't update my blog, its usually because I'm busy with people, (a good thing) thats what's been keeping me away from the computer this past week. Thursday morning Sarah called saying she had a free day, could she and Ethan come over?. I wish I could say we accomplished great things, but what we do is sit and visit and eat. We did work on a design project Sarah is involved in, now I need to get her to help me with designing my kitchen.
Friday, Ken and Stephanie flew in from KY. Stephanie brought me the most wonderful present! She had cleaned out her jewelry box and brought me all kinds of bits and pieces and beads....oh the fun I'll have! Friday night Ray and Jessica arrived from Tampa in their new car. Jess calls it an old persons car...but likes it because of all the bells and whistles on it.
Saturday was family day. In the morning we all went to the farmers market, and walked along Park Ave.
By late afternoon, all my brothers and their wives were here, as were Mom and Dick, so out came the salsa and margaritas. It was a fun evening. Kim brought her "name that tune' 80's edition for us to play....Queen, David Bowie, Paul Young.....there, I just gave you the answers to most of the questions. Apperently not alot of artists wanted to be part of the game.
Sunday Brewier and I finally got some time alone, so we rode bikes and worked on home projects as well as buying a new fountain for our front yard.
So those are the facts. I wish i could write them as creatively as Megan would..oh well.
Finally, my brother Greg has joined the blogging world!

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