Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So About These Facts...

Yes, apparently I have taken live lizards and let them bite on to my ears, creating living lizard earrings. My Mom says she has pictures.
A switchblade? I have only a vague recollection....Roger says he took it to school. So what else did you find in my room?
My fuzz problem. Hey, I was a baby. All babies are a little fuzzy.
I don't like clowns. They are creepy.
New fact. I make my bed every day. even if I have washed my sheets and its only an hour till bed time, I make my bed. It feels better to get into a nicely made bed.
Another new fact. I haven't had a regular paying job since 1982. I home educated Jessica and Megan until they graduated from high school, yet people still said to me, "So you don't work?"
Last fact. I love to entertain. If you're ever in the neighborhood, drop by.

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