Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Surrvived.

Yes, I made it through the day watching the boys which is good since they will be here again tomorrow morning at 6:15. They look so angelic when sitting still and coloring.
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I did resosrt to giving Sam his birthday present early because he is bored with the toys I have. After playing with them for 4 years, I can understand. So here he is all decked out in his knight outfit.

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They are good boys, just very energetic. I had a repair man here yesterday who asked, "How many kids are here anyway?"
He was surprised when I answered,"Just two, but they're really fast."
The big excitement this week has been a fire in my kitchen. I had a tealight candle burning in a glass bead sconce from Target. Well, I thought the beads were glass.... until the sconce caught on fire filling my house with the smell of melting plastic. A plastic candle holder......what kind of idiot thought that was a good idea? The only damage was from the smoke, and in hind sight I should have dumped baking soda on the fire and not a glass of water. I do have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen. That would have been a good idea. Yes I can see my brother the fire chief stroking out as he reads this, am I right Kenny?
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