Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yesterday I babysat Gregory and Sam. Two happy energetic litttle boys who don't really enjoy sitting. By the time they left I was exhausted! So I went to Whole Foods to buy a sandwich and an almond croissant, came home; made a latte, ( because food does make us feel better,) and worked on an altered book.
The weather is gorgeous but I am a prisoner in my home because of pollen. Unless you've lived in Fl you don't have any idea how bad pollen can be. Cars are coated in it, so that they look like they've been painted with special effect two tone paint. A high rating for pollen is 100-399. Right now grasses are at 10,000 and oak at 2,400 for example. This is visible to the naked eye pollen swirling around coating everything in a yellow green grit. Yuck! Its BAD!
I will take my box of Puffs and go be artsy crafty now.

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