Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Megan :)

This morning Megan and I went out to ride our bikes at 7am! Let me repeat, 7am! It was freezing out, by Florida standards, about 56 degrees, but we persevered. Meg was looking all ghetto with a wool cap on to keep her ears warm and she remembered to bring her sunglasses along too. I did not remember any of this. I was cold. And blind. We rode to Baldwin Park, destination Publix because they have bathrooms and a water fountain. We then walked around town so Meg could take some pictures of evryday things that she makes look so cool.. Before leaving Megan went back into Publix to get toilet paper so we could blow our noses, while I waited about 100 feet away, by our bikes. As I wait I people watch. They fasinate me. The most interesting one I saw was a young woman who came skipping out of the grocery store, big smile on her face while she waved and incredibly long ribbon of toilet paper behind her, much like they do in rythmic gymnastics. Yes it was my lovely daughter who can always make me smile.

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