Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday and Saturday.

Friiday morning Meg and I went to Sarahs supposedly to help do some organizing, but ended up watching "Just Like Heaven," on her new 42" plasma tv...with surrond sound. Not much was accomplished in the way of cleaning.
In the afternoon I went over to Moms to help Dick plant a few boxwoods. A few turned into 20, (and there are still 4 more to go along with planting a 250 pound robellini palm.) After the planting, I sat in Moms fancy schmancy massage chair for an hour which helped with my shakey out of shape muscles. Mom bought us Carrabas for dinner. I love garlic mashed potatos.
Today Ray and Jessica surprised us by appearing on our doorstep at 8am. We did what we usually do. Sit around drinking coffee, reading magazines and watching a movie, (I Walk the Line.) They just left for home, and I think I'm off to bed.

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