Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Dirty Dozen.

While trying to find a safe sunscreen, I came across this list of chemicals that are in most every personal care product you own. My home is fairly chemical free, but I'd like to be able to eliminate even more.
So last night while in a nice peaceful sleep, I am awoken at 12;30 by some kind of beeping alarm. At first I think its the back up power for the computer. Nope. So I wander into the kitchen and the noise is coming from my fancy schmancy 7 month old refrigerater. I check the alarm panel and it says the fridge temp is 50 degrees and the freezer is still at zero. Hmmm. I start poking around and vaccuuming coils and its not long before Meg and Brewier have joined me. Brewier checked things out and figures out is that some internal fan is kaput. Sears can't be here until Monday. I had this wonderful bottle of Rosa Regale in the fridge and knew it wouldn't taste so good if it got warm, so why not turn our night time foray in to a party? Out came the callebaut bittersweet chocolate and sour dough cheese twists and on came the music. We were up until 2am or so, but at least we were able to turn our misfortune into something fun.

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